Explore How A Manufacturing Execution System Can Enhance Efficiency

Every day, companies spend thousands (and millions) of dollars to try and enhance efficiency. Some hire coaches or consultants, some purchase new software, while others upgrade their manufacturing execution system via enhanced industrial controls.  

A manufacturing execution system can be one of the best ways to enhance efficiency because it is like getting the best of all worlds.

Below are some of the benefits you can look forward to with such a system, allowing you to improve what goes on within your operations, manage compliance, and enhance your staff’s productivity.  

Cloud Enabled Engineering

It is not always easy to manufacture within today’s business environment. In fact, with everyone taking such a global approach, it may be hard to get all of the engineers into one room. CEE or cloud enabled engineering provides a virtual engineering environment.

The CEE is part of a manufacturing execution system because it can allow the manufacturing of various items to be more controlled. You can access it in a virtual environment, thus being able to make changes or make comments on it without physically being in the plant. The primary benefit to this is that business can continue as usual even if engineers are not in the building. This can also reduce costs because there won’t be the need to fly engineers from across the globe to consult on manufacturing or execute a change in order to adhere to standards.

File Sharing

File sharing is made possible, and FileForce is one such program. This allows you to share documents with others inside of your organization as well as clients on an as-needed basis. Whether you want to share MSDS sheets about a chemical you have produced or you want to share an operations manual for a part, everyone can have access to the file.

The added benefit is that it will be stored electronically, thus eliminating a paper trail. Everyone can have the documents when they need them and this can make it easier to execute a change to a contract, an information sheet, or anything else that may need to be included for operation purposes.

Online Punchlist

A punchlist tool can be used to keep manufacturing processes up and running. Whether you have a list of demands for a client or a list of products that need to be created for an order, you can keep an online punchlist. Further, it can be managed in a virtual environment. Everyone can see where you are at in terms of production. This can make it easier to communicate with the client on a delivery date. It can also show management where changes need to be made in order to increase the level of productivity to meet deadlines.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is another component that you can look forward to with a manufacturing execution system. It is all part of the suite of services that will help to improve efficiency. The streaming will allow you to train your employees on an as needed basis even if you are not in the location. With an intranet connected in your building and a VPN or WAN, you can stream live about just about anything, whether it is communicating an issue to clients or a memorandum to your employees about production.

Technology has been changing drastically and with a unique configuration of services, you can take advantage of a manufacturing execution system that will allow you to improve efficiency of your manufacturing plant significantly.

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