Since 1993, we continue to be committed to upholding our reputation by exceeding high standards of integrity, unsurpassed customer service, and outstanding product quality.  We believe the key to our success is our depth of industry technical expertise and proven methodologies in order to execute reliable and straight-forward solutions to a wide-range of industries, all while fulfilling schedule and budget requirements.


We look forward to serving your needs…


Please review some of the projects we have designed, planned, implemented, and maintained throughout the years.

• Alarm Systems
• Batch Specialty Chemicals
• Blowdown Neutralization Systems (BNS)
• Boiler Combustion Control
• Brewery Automation
• Burner Management Systems (BMS)
• Chiller Control Systems
• Cooling Tower Control
• Demineralized Water Systems
• Desuperheater Temperature Control
• Feedwater Control Systems
• Fermentation
• Gasoline Distribution

• Glass Furnace Control
• Glass Furnace Combustion Safety
• Glass Forehearth Combustion Safety
• Insulation Fiberizer Controls
• Marine Boilers (Propulsion and Auxiliary)
• Marine Bow Thruster Control
• Marine Inert Gas Systems
• Marine Oil Mist Detection Systems
• Marine Tank Level Indicating Systems
• Marine Alarm Systems
• Nuclear Steam Generator Level Control
• Online Blending
• Packaging Systems
• Pharmaceutical Batch
• Pipeline Distribution

• Rail Car Loading
• Refinery Automation
• Research and Design Applications
• Sequence of Event Systems
• Specialty Industrial Gasses
• Steam Distribution
• Steam Generation
• Tank Farm Systems
• Testing Systems
• Truck Loading
• University Steam Control
• Waste Neutralization Systems (WNS)
• Water Treatment