Disciplined measures, practical applications, and a desire to achieve enhanced productivity, all while eliminating human error and manual redundant controls.


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GMP… An Award-winning Control System Engineering Team

As a full service control system engineering firm, GMP is committed to upholding its reputation by exceeding high standards of integrity, unsurpassed customer service, and outstanding product quality.

We understand the science of instrumentation and the automatic control of dynamic processes.  Thereby offering our clients the ability to apply our knowledge towards the planning, design, development, operation, and evaluation of control systems to ensure the safety and practical operability of such processes according to your specific industry standards and specifications.

Our strategic methods improve productivity, enhance your company’s best practices and standard operating procedures. We help to eliminate redundant manual controls and human errors that ultimately cost companies monetary losses.

GMP builds strong relationships with your team to help utilize the best solutions based on your needs, budget, and timeline.