Packaged Control System GMP’s BoilerMaster™

GMP presents BoilerMaster™ – a full boiler packaged control system that can help meet energy, safety, and emission compliance goals.


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Save 5-10% with a Packaged Control System… by GMP!

Finding ways to decrease expenses, and increase efficiency and productivity has never been easier.  With GMP’s BoilerMaster™, companies can meet energy, safety, emission compliance, and finance goals with this packaged control system.

Economic Factors

A modest sized industrial power complex consumes more than $5 million a year in fuel and electrical power consumption. A 2 percent savings in energy usage is frequently available as a result of improved control accuracy and system response.

An additional 1 to 3 percent savings in raw fuel and related energy expenditures can yield energy savings of 5 percent. Improvements in energy distribution or alternative sources can produce powerhouse total savings in excess of 10 percent.

The BoilerMaster™ Packaged Control System is designed to be modular and cost-effective. Key areas addressed are:

  • Boiler Control/ Plant Master Control
    • Single Boiler
    • Multiple Parallel
    • Stepping capabilities
    • Recycling and Non-Recycling
  • Single, Dual, Multiple & Combination Firing
    • Natural Gas
    • #2-6 Fuel Oils
    • Hydrogen
    • Liquid and Gaseous Waste Fuels
    • Coal and Solid Waste Fuels
  • Drum Level Control
    • Single
    • Two Element
    • Three Element
  • Individual Boiler Combustion Control
    • Single Point Positioning
    • Parallel Positioning
    • Parallel Positioning with Position Feedback
    • Fully Metered/Cross Limited
    • O2/CO/NOx Trim
    • Alarm Management

Features and Packaged Control System Benefits include:

  • Combustion Control Systems
  • Burner Management Systems
  • Firs Out Indication and time Stamping
  • Sequence of Event Systems (SOE)
  • Systems Integration
  • Testing Services
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Reporting

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