GMP Experience

A Full Service Industrial Automation Solution efficiently delivered by one-source… that’s the GMP Experience.


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One-Stop Industrial Automation Solution… with GMP! 

The GMP Experience™ is a Comprehensive Industrial Automation Methodology.  Experience an increase in efficiency and productivity, ensure project course of action, and improve quality controls with GMP.

Our Three Tier Approach to Industrial Automation includes:

  1. PLANNING:  GMP’s Control System Engineering team provides consultation, design, and project management and coordination.
  2.  IMPLEMENTATION: The GMP team implements the industrial automation solution designed to fit your business’  needs, objectives, and goals.  Our nationwide team of professionals deliver your project on-time and on-budget.

3. MAINTENANCE: After your system is up and running, we continue to provide the GMP Experience™ with training modules (both on site and online), a maintenance program, and follow up with your team to ensure systems are running smoothly.

GMP offers process experience in the market segments we serve, supporting our reputation for delivering quality services on time with the resources available to execute and support projects from the most basic to the complex.