RMM tools efficiently monitor workstations and quickly resolve issues before experiencing any disruption.


Experience true peace of mind with GMP’s Remote Monitoring and Management services


GMP… Taking Remote Monitoring and Management to the Next Level

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) are standard, off-the-shelf tools, such as Remote Terminal Services (RTS), added to client’s workstations and servers.  These tools gather information regarding the applications and hardware operating at a single or multiple locations, and supply activity reports, allowing us or the client to resolve any issues.

As a proactive, remote tracking of network and control system health, GMP helps to enhance the overall performance of technical support staff and takes advantage of resources.  GMP’s RMM Services offer highly effective management and maintenance functions; and is capable of detecting problems, reporting them back to GMP or local technical staff, and permits our experts to fix these problems remotely.

Main RMM Functions:
  • Gather information about control system software, hardware, and network
  • Supply client with activity reports and data
  • Create alerts and tickets when problems arise
  • Monitor multiple endpoints simultaneously
  • Automate scheduled maintenance checks
  • Remote connection to control system, allowing instant feedback and trouble-shooting capability