Our mission is to provide high quality control system engineering and system integration, to properly adhere to your control system investment, and to carefully consider your requirements of scope, schedule and budget.

We are Good Manufacturing Practices.

Good Manufacturing Practices, Inc., better known as GMP, is a full-service industrial engineering, system integrator, industrial controls, and automation solutions provider.  Founded in 1993, it has been committed to upholding its reputation by exceeding high standards of integrity, unsurpassed customer service, and outstanding product quality. GMP believes the key to its success is its depth of industry expertise and proven methodologies in order to execute reliable and straight-forward solutions to a wide-range of industries, all while fulfilling schedule and budget requirements.

With the GMP Experience, we are committed to comprehensive solutions including Planning, Implementation, and Post-Set Up Training and Maintenance. Our company is recognized as a certified system integrator by multiple specialized vendors including Yokogawa DCS, Moore/APACS, Rockwell Automation, General Electric, and more.  More importantly than product technicalities, we take pride in fostering long-term partnerships to fulfill our customers’ needs and manage expectations successfully.

GMP delivers S.T.A.R. value by consistently providing the following:


ystem Integrator

GMP offers comprehensive system integrator solutions for clients looking to smoothly facilitate their process experience and gain a competitive edge.


echnical Expertise

GMP draws from years of successful industrial automation experience to provide continuous improvement tools and technical expertise.


utomation Solutions

GMP specializes in automation solutions, industrial controls, and strategic methods to improve productivity for a variety of market segments.


esource Partners

We are good partners; dedicated to strong partnerships that enable effective training and maintenance resources, including equipment sales.