Centum VP R6: A Complete Solution For A Control System Upgrade

If you have an antiquated control system and you are looking to make improvements, the Centum VP R6 can be the control system upgrade you have been searching for. Although upgrading a system can be an expense, you need to explore the benefits that go along with the transition. Additionally, you can experience a high ROI due to new processes and system capabilities.

Advanced technology can be a way to provide:

–           Energy savings

–           Increased safety

–           Remote system capabilities

–           Advanced reporting

–           Compliance checks

What Centum VP R6 Has to Offer

Centum VP R6Centum VP R6 is a control system upgrade with optional functions to help with batch control, recipe management, and overall process management functionality. The comprehensive software package contains configurable functions that support Part 11 compliance.

The upgrade is scalable and ready to integrate. The open interface makes it easy to access data from all of the available supervisory systems, ranging from ERP and MES systems to various laboratory information systems that may be in place. It’s also completely compatible with existing systems. This gives you the chance to upgrade and tap into a greater level of automation.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the upgrade is that you will have the ability to conform to industry standards. It is built on the ISA-88 standard, giving you the capability to reuse unit definitions and provide complete control capabilities.

It can be used in a wide array of industrial environments, including food, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper and pulp, cement, and water and waste industries. It has already been implemented throughout Asia, Europe, and many other locations. It provides you with the ability to not only conform to standards, but also to have greater control over your operations.

The Benefits of a Control System Upgrade

You want to be able to tap into new technology as a way of upgrading your system and providing more benefits to your operations. For example, with real-time reporting, you can learn about the current state of all of your systems. You can find out how they are producing, whether they are overheating, and if preventative maintenance is going to be necessary soon in order to keep the systems up and running.

Further, by being able to have complete access to your systems, you can maintain a higher level of compliance. This will ensure that you are meeting all regulations and requirements of the industry. You can assess risks faster, conduct compliance monitoring and auditing faster, and maintain higher levels of record-keeping. This will make it easier for you to remain compliant, and improve productivity of employees at the same time.

Electronic record-keeping will allow you to increase efficiency and reduce costs. You can eliminate paper document storage altogether, and take advantage of improved process control along the way. The electronic storage will make it easier for you to have information at your fingertips, and provide reports to other departments as well as authorities.

New technology is available to simplify processes, and ensure that you are meeting Part 11 general requirements. A comprehensive software package can be just what you need to upgrade your control systems, and various automated controls can be added in the process, thus giving you more remote capabilities when it comes to operating your systems and managing them every step of the way.

To learn more about the Centum VP R6 control system upgrade, contact GMP today. Good Manufacturing Practices, Inc. is a full-service automation solutions provider specializing in control system engineering and industrial controls.