Maintain Security Compliance, Control Systems and IT Applications

Trying to maintain security compliance for your automation systems is likely a major challenge if you are trying to do this on your own. Even though you’ve maybe never had a cyber security incident in your manufacturing, governmental, or military facility, it’s still possible that it could happen. It is easy to become complacent in a time when you might think cyber attacks only happen in bigger-name companies.

Industrial automation is already mainstream, and it’s had some incidents of security breaches in the recent past. Various computer worms and viruses managed to infiltrate manufacturing sectors over the last several years.

Many of these incidents occurred due to the assumption that cyber security wasn’t really necessary in relation to industrial automation. Yet, you shouldn’t think just because you’re in the industrial industry, you’re not vulnerable to cyber threats. Additionally, you may work with private data that potentially violates compliance. So how do you solve this problem?

Finding Protocols for Security

At GMP, we provide all the protocols you need for security in your automation systems. You can choose from numerous computer languages allowing you to create communications across the Internet to ensure automation efficiency.

You may recognize some of the protocol languages like Modbus, Siemens, and GE Industrial Solutions. Many of these have become standards within automation solutions. Modbus, in particular, is one of the most popular due to its easy access without having to use authentication.

Other protocol languages you may need include DNP (for water and electric companies), EtherNetIP (specifically for industrial automation), or IEC 60870 Part 5 (for electrical engineering and power system automation).

Control System Security

Don’t think your control system couldn’t also experience security threats. Consider that inside threats could happen just as much from the cyber world. Someone who works in your company might gain access to your control systems and do something inadvertently or deliberately to instigate technical problems.

With DDoS attacks so prevalent today, it’s always possible you could experience this cyber threat through your control systems. Otherwise known as Distributed Denial of Service, it always comes from viruses that infiltrate an Internet connection.

A DDoS attack could easily shut down your network for days and ask a ransom to restore things. In the meantime, your automated system would shut down and put your company in jeopardy from the excessive downtime. It could even put you out of business eventually due to the financial losses.

Sustaining Automation Functionality

When using automation, you need a dedicated team to help with functionality, as well to manage the interface between IT and your control system.

Much like IT management, Security Compliance is important to bring immediate help if you experience lags or shutdowns. Other technical issues could easily happen beyond just being hacked.

One of the most important is losing data relating to your customers. Or, this same data could get exposed to hackers, hence violating government regulations. Losing your data only makes you vulnerable to regulatory fines that could put you in as much financial trouble as a cyber attack.

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